Making the best out of a raining weekend in New York

Going away on a weekend to New York can be fun.  There are so many things that you can see and do there. However, only if this isn’t raining. When you have a rainy weekend, then you might wonder what you can do and see there, so that you still have a special weekend. These are a couple of things that you still can do in New York, on a raining weekend.

Go see a movie

If you want to have a great New York experience, you should go see a movie when you are in New York for a weekend. The first thing that you will realize is that the movie theaters in New York are so different from the other theaters that you know.

There are even one of these movie theaters where you can get served food and drinks, while you are watching the movie. Making this a unique experience. This is the first thing that you should do when it is raining in New York.


You will not struggle to find a place for shopping. There are so many shopping malls in New York that it will take you the whole weekend to see them all.

If you are a shopping fan, and it is raining in New York, you will be able to enjoy shopping. You might never know the type of specials you might find. You will be able to say that you were in some of the most popular shopping malls in the whole of America.


Museums might not be everyone’s favorite thing to do, but you will be surprised about how many great museums there are in New York. Museums that will be interesting and even fun. Even if you are one of those that doesn’t really like museums.

With just a bit or research, you will be able to find some interesting museums that you and your family will enjoy. You even might start liking going to museums.

Eating in fancy restaurants

The last thing that you can do on a raining day in New York, is to enjoy a meal in a fancy restaurant. There are hundreds of them in New York, so finding one where you can dine at, won’t be hard.

This is a great experience to eat in a fancy restaurant. They are just different in New York, and you might even spend a couple of hours in the restaurant, enjoying your family and a good plate of food.

You might have planned a great weekend away to New York. But, arriving there you are getting the shock of your life. It is raining. And, we all know how rain in New York can be like. It doesn’t mean that your weekend is ruin. It just means that you should know about other things that you can do that is indoors.